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2022-09-11 16:33:20 By : Ms. Kelsi Yan

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🌞 Hey there! I recently bought a new laptop, the Lenovo Flex 5 (Ryzen version, mind you). I’ve been using my gaming laptop as my work device for years now, but it’s a real backbreaker when traveling.

Apple held its iPhone 14 series launch event yesterday, and there were plenty of announcements on offer. Rumors have given us plenty to go on, but there were still loads of features and details to hear about.

Apple revealed four new iPhones, namely the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

This is arguably the biggest gap yet between standard and Pro iPhone models.

Apple also revealed three new watches this time, taking the fight to the best smartwatches.

📱 Tim Cook says ‘buy your mom an iPhone’ when asked about RCS support in iMessage: This really does have Don Mattrick energy (Android Authority).

🎵 Bose has announced new QuietComfort Earbuds II (Android Authority).

🖼️ Wallpaper Wednesday is here again, if you’re looking for some decent backgrounds for your phone (Android Authority).

💻 AMD is making laptop CPU model numbers simultaneously less and more confusing: AMD is overhauling its CPU model numbers and explaining what each digit means (Ars Technica).

🍎 Apple has confirmed the stable iOS 16 release date: Expect to get the new update on September 12 (Apple Newsroom).

🎮 Sony’s next Xperia product is ‘made for pro gamers’: Are we looking at a mobile controller for Android devices or even a new smartphone? (Android Authority).

💡 Why a text alert may have helped California keep the lights on: A text asking users to turn off non-essential appliances helped California keep the lights on amid a heat wave (The Verge).

✈️ Pentagon halts deliveries of F-35 fighter jets after discovering a component manufactured in China: Turns out it’s a magnet containing an alloy made in China (CNN).

🎧 How to ensure that headphones last as long as possible: Some handy tips here (Android Authority).

🕹️ A new PS5 system update brings 1440p output support, game lists, and more: 1440p TVs aren’t really a thing, but it’s still great news for monitor owners (PlayStation Blog).

❓ What’s something you did “the hard way” for the longest time, because you didn’t know there was a much easier way? (r/AskReddit).

It turns out that the first surgical amputation may have taken place 20,000 years earlier than expected. The skeleton of a young adult who lived 31,000 years ago was found in Borneo, Popular Science reported, but signs point to the person having their left leg amputated when they were six to nine years old.

The study was published in Nature by lead author Tim Ryan Maloney and his team, and they found that the left leg was cut off at the tibia and fibula. These bones then healed, with the child living for years as an amputee, reaching adulthood. Maloney says the ‘surgeons’ responsible for the amputation also had to inevitably manage key factors like shock, infection, and blood loss.

For what it’s worth, the earliest example of a limb amputation prior to this case came from a French farmer who had his forearm amputated 7,000 years ago.

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