iSimulate showcased the REALITi patient simulator before its release on May 4

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Orlando, FL — iSimulate's newest training tool REALITi was on display at IMSH 2017 before its release on May 4. Anthony Lewis, the founder of iSimulate, held a demonstration of REALITi's guidance and conducted a video interview to discuss the new platform.

Click on the image to watch the REALITi video demo hosted by iSimulate founder Anthony Lewis.

REALITi is a brand new, all-encompassing simulation ecosystem, including a patient simulator and interactive video reporting system. It is the latest member of iSimulate's series of realistic training tools for medical professionals.

"One thing we want to do is to make our display resemble a real monitor," Lewis said of REALITi's 12-lead ECG simulator. 

REALITi's ECG simulator is controlled by the instructor's iPad, which can display readings according to specific scenarios and real-life case studies, and can be adjusted according to the ability level of each student. Students will use the data captured by ECG to create and share patient care reports for their virtual cases

Another key element of REALITi is the addition of a video reporting system. Lewis pointed to the iPad device fixed on a tripod and described the value of the REALITi platform in hosting patient simulations in the classroom. Using the REALITi platform, observers can view simulations in real time and provide real-time feedback to testers in the form of likes, dislikes and comments.

Lewis said that the level of interaction possible on the REALITi platform will attract students and provide a new sense of immersion for medical training.

About iSimulate iSimulate provides realistic, world-class training solutions for organizations all over the world. We use the best current mobile technology to create products that are more advanced, easier to use, and more cost-effective than traditional analog solutions.

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