Edan debuts next-generation blood gas and chemistry analyzers and patient monitors on MEDICA 2021-Medica 2021-Hospimedica.com

2021-12-15 00:47:52 By : Ms. Susan Zhuang

EDAN Instruments, Inc. (Shenzhen, China) launched five new products at MEDICA 2021 aimed at improving the efficiency and resource accessibility of nursing staff.

EDAN's three upcoming products, namely its next-generation blood gas and chemical analysis system i20, the third-generation patient monitor iX series, and the integrated portable version of the biofeedback and stimulation system PA4 Pro, made their debut on MEDICA 2021. EDAN also highlighted its recently launched paperless flat electrocardiograph iSE and 5-part automatic blood analyzer H60s.

EDAN's iSE series 12/18 lead electrocardiograph adopts an excellent tablet design, designed to bring an excellent mobile experience and establish a seamless connection with IT systems. It is suitable for applications such as ambulances or first aid, as well as modern paperless information hospitals. Weighing less than 1 kg, it can automatically start sampling once all the leads are connected and the required signal quality is achieved. Its innovative adaptive AC filter technology can ensure a more ideal ECG signal quality in the real clinical environment, especially in the extreme environment with unstable voltage.

"The products we showcased this time changed people's minds," said Alex You, senior director of global marketing and strategic operations at EDAN. "In the field of healthcare, efficacy fully illustrates how technology can have a positive impact on the workflow of caregivers, and further save patient interaction time, etc. On iSE, you can learn about our IoMT plan. Smart healthcare and support Internet-connected devices have been the focus of our attention in recent years. We believe that medical technology can improve patient care, and the Internet of Things can take this a step further."

"EDAN is always committed to improving people's lives by providing value-oriented, user-centric products. Demands are constantly changing. It is our job to adapt to it and continuously optimize our products for the market," EDAN Chief Executive Officer Guan Zhang Hao added. "Our mission is to make the work of nursing staff easier so that they can do more for patients. And the product we launched this time was born for this."

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