VNA Care and SHL Telemedicine collaborate to use SmartHeart™ technology 12-lead ECG

2021-12-15 00:47:35 By : Ms. Lisa Wu

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VNA Care will provide remote home monitoring through SmartHeart technology to transform care and improve clinical outcomes

Tel Aviv and Boston, Israel, June 21, 2021/PRNewswire/ - VNA Care and SHL Telemedicine Ltd. today announced a partnership to use SHL SmartHeart 12 Lead ECG technology in VNA Care's home healthcare services to help some individuals as early as possible Leave the hospital to go home, avoid staying in a medical facility, or learn to deal with newly diagnosed diseases.

Through this cooperation, VNA Care will deploy and use this compact and portable technology in the home environment. SmartHeart is the first device of its kind that allows the use of a smartphone or tablet to transmit a complete hospital-grade 12-lead ECG. Approved by the FDA for use by patients and providers, SmartHeart helps clinicians maintain continuity of care outside the hospital or medical office. Its user-friendly electrode belt wraps around the chest, requires far fewer wires than traditional ECG machines, and has no gel or adhesive labels, allowing clinicians and patients to perform ECG anytime, anywhere, and transmit the results to the provider within 30 seconds.

SHL Telemedicine CEO Erez Nachtomy said: “We are very happy to cooperate with VNA Care. VNA Care is a leading organization in the field of family medicine, hospice care and community care with a long history and reputation.” “We believe that in VNA Care Medical The use of our SmartHeart technology in healthcare services will have important clinical significance and improve patient care and satisfaction."

The addition of the remote full 12-lead ECG monitoring function through SmartHeart technology will strengthen the clinical and telemedicine plans that VNA Care has provided for patients at home-strengthen care coordination and enable patients to manage their own health clinical team with multidisciplinary support .

Jane Pike-Benton, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Clinical Officer of VNA Care, said: "As we continue to provide patients with innovative home solutions, we are very happy to collaborate with SHL Telemedicine. "SmartHeart will achieve a higher degree of ease of use. Self-care, improve the patient’s treatment effect and enhance the patient’s overall care experience. "

In our 135-year history, VNA Care's non-profit visiting nurses association, VNA Care Network, VNA of Boston, and VNA Hospice & Palliative Care have served millions of patients in central and eastern Massachusetts. Our comprehensive family and community healthcare services can help individuals lead the best home life.

VNA Care understands the challenges many people face when they want to stay safe and independent at home. Our focus on clinical excellence and commitment to quality ensure that our patients receive the best care in their favorite place-in the comfort of their own home. We provide a full set of intravenous treatment services, a wide range of disease management and professional services, including diabetes, wound care, fall prevention, elderly care, joint replacement therapy and medication management. We also provide palliative care and hospice care for individuals with terminal or terminal illnesses. These programs and services provide a truly comprehensive, flexible and unique approach to care. VNA Care also provides free healthcare services and screenings, such as Keep Well clinics for the elderly, and health education programs to promote public health in the local community.

SHL Telemedicine is engaged in the development and marketing of personal telemedicine systems and the provision of medical call center services, with a focus on cardiovascular and related diseases, for end users and the healthcare community. SHL Telemedicine provides its services and personal telemedicine equipment to subscribers who use telephone and Internet communication technologies. SHL is listed on six Swiss exchanges (SHLTN, I​​SIN: IL0010855885, stock code: 1128957). For more information, please visit our website

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