ECG Paper/ECG Paper/ECG Graphic Paper

ProductSize()TypePackage(pcs)Single channel50x20mRoll100Single channel50x30mRoll100Three channel60x30mRoll100Three channel63x30mRoll100Three channel80x20mRoll100Three channel112x27mRoll100Three channel90x90-200sheetZ-fold100Three channel80x70-200sheetZ-fold100Six channel110x140-20mZ-fold100Six channel110x140-200sheetZ-fold100Six

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Single channel50x20mRoll100
Single channel50x30mRoll100
Three channel60x30mRoll100
Three channel63x30mRoll100
Three channel80x20mRoll100
Three channel112x27mRoll100
Three channel90x90-200sheetZ-fold100
Three channel80x70-200sheetZ-fold100
Six channel110x140-20mZ-fold100
Six channel110x140-200sheetZ-fold100
Six channel110x20mRoll100
Twelve channel183x30mRoll100
Twelve channel210x30mRoll100
Twelve channel215x25mRoll100
Twelve channel216x20m/30mZ-fold100
Twelve channel144x125-200sheetZ-fold100
Twelve channel210x300-200sheetZ-fold100
Twelve channel210x280-200sheetZ-fold100
ECG paper50x100-300sheetZ-fold100
ECG paper50x100-300sheetZ-fold100
ECG Paper/EKG Paper/ECG Graph Paper

ECG Paper is for medical record use, being made from high quality paper. Our ECG paper is compatible with all kinds of ECG / fetal monitor machines, such as Aspel, Burdick, Siemens, Biosys, Cardioline,Corometrics, Dr. Lee,Fukuda, Hellige / Arquette, Huntleight, Hewlett Packard,Biosys / Intermed, etc.
The specification is 50mmX20m, 50mmX30m, 63mmXX30m, 60mmX30m

ECG Paper/EKG Paper/ECG Graph Paper

ECG Paper/EKG Paper/ECG Graph Paper
ECG Paper/EKG Paper/ECG Graph Paper
ECG Paper/EKG Paper/ECG Graph Paper


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