CE&ISO Approved Wireless Stress Test System ECG Stress Test

 modelECG8000SFunctions & Features: Wireless Treadmill Stress Test System ecg stress test12-lead simultaneous sampling and analysis. QRS waveform can be distinguished by high precision. Print the ECG during data samplingMemorizing and saving whole ECG dataObserve the change of ST segment during sampling. Magnify th

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Functions & Features: 
Wireless Treadmill Stress Test System ecg stress test
12-lead simultaneous sampling and analysis. QRS waveform can be distinguished by high precision. Print the ECG during data sampling
Memorizing and saving whole ECG data
Observe the change of ST segment during sampling. Magnify the segment which the operator choose, and calculate the ST segment data
Adopt advanced original creation of screen waveform technology, which make the screen waveform much more precise, the detail of ECG much more extrude
Adopt anti-jamming technology to ensure the stabilization of the baseline, reducing effect on ECG from myoelectric jamming, baseline excursion, and industry electric wave jamming
The machine can adopt both built-in exercise protocol and user-defined exercise protocol, and setting instantaneous print and blood pressure measure notice
Mark event during exercise, the marked event ECG waveform can be compared with current event, the event can be observed, edited and printed
Include the display and print of all kinds of trend graph. Main inclusion: HR, BP, METS, HR*BP, exercise trend, ST segment level/influence/slope/ST/HR, etc. The protract of the trend graph included: line graph, column diagram, trapezia graph and grid graph etc.
The function of dynamic retrospect after exercise, which can replay the whole exercise testing process, during the replay, we can adjust the replay speed, which include speedup, speed-down, pause and skip
With static retrospect function, user can examine ECG waveform of any time, and amend the attribute of QRS complex
Powerful case history management function, which include inquiry, amend, delete and other operations
Perfect case history input/output function, the output case history is compressed, which possess less disk space. The pressed case history is associated with the operation system file type. This design make the input operation much more simple and quickly
System setting functions include several setting items. For example, display waveform format a mode (12 leads*1screen/6leads*2screens/3leads*2screens/3leads*1secreen, etc), the color of background grid and print setting, filter setting, and optional parameters display, etc.
User-friendly interface, according to users' habitual setting, include: IME, tooltips, and doctors information. Latest setting will be memorized and auto saved as user's habitual setting. This kind of setting will be resumed in next operation
Provide several practical tools, for equipment management, case history information statistic operation
Wireless ECG data acquisition modules improve the anti-jamming capability of ECG sampling device and enables noise-free ability, make patients more freely and safe. Moreover, patients' random walking will not result in the wondering of ECG base line
CardioScape stress test is compatible with Trackmaster, RAM and other international treadmills through RS232

Sample rate: 1000Hz
Resolution: 12 bit
Filter: 35 Hz, 50/60Hz
Gain: 5, 10, 20mm/mV
Heart rate range: 30-300bpm
Frequency response: 0.05-150Hz
Input impedance: ≥50 MΩ
Dynamic input range: ±3mV
Anti-polarization voltage: ±500mV
Communication: wireless transmission, USB
Wireless transmitter power supply: 5.0V (DC)
Wireless receiver power supply: 3.0 (DC)
Transmitter dimension: 92 x 63 x 28 mm
Receiver dimension: 149 x 79 x 21 mm

AC Inverter Moter   Treadmill:
Safety type: Type B Class I device
Speed: 0-20 Km/h
Grade: 0-25%
Control Interface: RS232
Power Source: AC 220V, 50Hz
Rated Power: 3 Horse Power
Treadmill dimension: 2100mm×820mm×1400mm
Accurate speed control
Emergency stop button
Apply the latest AC inverter motor with lower noise, stable and reliable

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